Jayne's Elephant

We are so grateful to our friend and local artist, Jayne Hutcheson. 

We are thrilled to have Jayne created this beautiful shirt for us- Please enjoy and here is a word from Jayne:

"I love working with animals so much. They feel and understand more than most people will ever realize! I have had so many amazing animals touch my heart and change my life, and so of course conservation is incredibly important to me. Conservation is a huge part of not only my profession as a zoological team member, but also as a human being in general! I believe that everyone can be a part of protecting our planet and the amazing animals that we share it with. I am so honored that I can use art in any way, shape, or form to help the conservation of a species, especially elephants, as I have been lucky enough to work closely with several while in the zoological field. This elephant art is my attempt to capture, portray, and communicate the beauty and awe that I see and feel for these magnificent animals; and I hope that through my art, you will see and feel it too."

-Jayne Hutcheson